Initial Assessment

This consists of a number of stages and is based on the first interview which last up to 45 minutes.

History Taking

History of presenting condition, past psychiatric and medical history, family history, personal history , social circumstances , drug and alcohol use are covered.

It is sometimes useful to gather history from another source like a friend or family member for better understanding.

Mental State Examination

This is assessed during interview and helps to diagnose the condition.


Following the initial consultation the diagnosis is discussed.

Sometimes further consultations and investigations are required to confirm diagnosis.

Psychiatric Diagnosis is based on the International Classification of Disease ICD 10.

Treatment Plan

Following the diagnosis a treatment plan is discussed with the patient.

A range of treatment options are made available.

Patients are then able to make their choice of treatment.


These appointments last for thirty minutes.

These are necessary to monitor the response to the treatment and make further treatment plans.


Private prescriptions are issued.

Patient's GPs are informed about the treatment (with patient's consent).


Blood tests may be required and can be arranged at private hospitals.

Psychological treatment

Dr Nandy uses principles of psychological therapies like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ( CBT ) and Mentalisation Based Therapy (MBT).

He makes recommendations for psychological therapies with psychologists as well.


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